GIST was established with the purpose of  encouraging India’s policymakers to abandon their dependence on the narrow economic measure of ‘GDP Growth’ with a holistic alternative. Its first project, the Green Accounting for Indian States Project (2004-2007), provided environmentally adjusted GDP at the state level in India by accounting for externalities such as the un-marketed services of forests, the hidden costs of agriculture, losses in freshwater quality and depletion of sub-soil assets. The project was carried out by sourcing data from official Indian databases, and is consistent with the United Nations’ System of Economic and Environmental Accounting - 2003 guidelines. 
The Trust has since been engaged in environmental research, education and outreach. The timeline below highlights the milestones  achieved by the Trust over the years
GIST is active in creating public awareness of the issues surrounding environmental degradation and climate change. It publishes articles and holds events as well as workshops to inform target groups. GIST also trains students interested in tackling environmental issues through its internship programme.

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M1 and M2 published.

Launch of GAISP


M4 and M7 published.


Nilgiris Project


M5 and M8 published.

Media Master Class, Delhi


Vultures Project


Launch of DōMerit Project

DōMerit Module I: Analysis of corporate contributions